I want out!

I think my mom got the hint that I outgrew my bassinet. No more lying around for this little baby!


I think I found a use for teeth, sure would make eating bread easier. Having fun anyway, though I think more ended up on the floor than it did in my mouth. I think I need some more practice. Bread, please!

My giraffe

This is my best new buddy, very soft, rubbery and chewy. Just what my jaw needs now that teeth are trying to come out of it. Why would I need teeth anyway?

Hanging out...

What, when I said want to hang out in my crib you did not think I meant it literally? Well, what else?


Well, isn't life just full of first experiences and I am an adventurer at heart. Here you see me braving the wild waters of the baby swimming pool. Hey, bet you could not float half so well when you were my age!

Yummy time!

Yes, I am old enough already for my very first bite. Would you believe they gave me cauliflower? Being the good girl I am I ate it all... And loved it too!